What does my child need to participate in FLYRS?

Most importantly, your child needs a bike in good working condition and a properly fitting bike helmet. They should also bring a water bottle or water backpack (that they can carry) and a small snack for each week. We will provide a FLYRS shirt on the first day of the session, and we ask that every rider wear their FLYRS shirt each week.

What if I can’t afford the registration fee and/or a bike for my child?

We do not want the costs to prohibit an interested child from participating in FLYRS. If your child wants to join FLYRS but you have concerns about the costs and/or you don’t have access to a bike, please contact us. 

Can I ride with my child in FLYRS?

We allow one volunteer parent rider with each group. Having too many adults ride with the group results in a more cluttered trail and dispersed group, both of which present safety concerns. We will have a sign-up sheet for each group by the first day of the session.

Can I get one of those awesome FLYRS shirts for myself (in an adult size)?

Absolutely! You can purchase a shirt for $15. Just contact us, let us know your size, and we’ll hook you up.