Who We Are

Founded in Flagstaff

The FLagstaff Youth RiderS (FLYRS) is a youth mountain bike club in Flagstaff, Arizona founded in April 2016 to provide a structured and team-oriented approach to mountain biking for kids. FLYRS began small with a few families in the Spring of 2016, and we have grown each season as the interest has expanded. We are both excited and honored to work with families in our community who share our passion for the outdoors and whose kids want to break out of the mold of traditional sports programs. FLYRS mountain biking allows for both independent learning and accomplishment, as well as group-based comradery and encouragement.

Age Range of Participants

FLYRS is currently geared toward youth ages 5-14. Some of our riders may want to transition into a high school mountain biking team as they get older, but we hope that all FLYRS will grow into life-long cyclists and trail advocates.

Focusing on Technique

Our program is unique in that it has a heavy focus on the development of skills and proper riding technique. We are focused on fostering personal growth and an active lifestyle through mountain biking by offering a community-based and team-oriented program where young people can meet other young riders and develop confidence and skill on their bikes.